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I have worked with Grace Longo for several years to review my financial goals and seek her advice on the best strategies for my situation at various points in my life. I have always found her to skilled and knowledgeable about financial matters; she also has a wonderful way of encouraging me when my confidence has flagged about my progress. She’s helped me consider different possibilities by asking me insightful questions. As a result, I feel more secure about my financial future than I ever have before. Grace has also worked with others in my family, and I heartily recommend her.

Sarah B. 2020

I worked with Grace for the better part of ten years. Over that time, we had many conversations about financial and retirement planning.I had been contributing the maximum to my 401k for years, and using a lifestyle fund based on retiring at 65.

While this strategy worked well, Grace explained the value of having a professional manage my retirement accounts. I took her advice and am very pleased with the outcome.

Grace also helped me to understand the importance of having a budget and completely understanding where my money goes. This helped tremendously when developing our retirement planning. I would say every bit as much as all the saving over the years.

Grace helped me understand the complexity of annuities and their purpose. We also had many, many conversations about when to take Social Security.

I have always been incredibly impressed by Grace’s passion for educating women in the area of financial planning. She keeps the advice simple, and more importantly – her passion is infectious!

I recently retired comfortably at the age of 60, and I attribute much of this to the advice and conversations I have had with Grace over the past ten years.

Lou Ann M. 9/1/2020