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My Values and Core Beliefs

The Golden Rule – Treat others as I want to be treated

As life would have it, I have experienced very humbling events such as: divorce, being a single mom, debt and loss of parents and my ex-spouse.  These events have taught me many life lessons and given me the ability to  empathize with you and treat you with respect without judgement. Today, we can only work on what’s to come in the future.  There is no changing the past, but only learning from it. 

Money is not rational.

Money decisions are emotional and understanding the emotional component of your financial decisions sets me apart from other advisors. Much of what you read or hear on the news, talks about money strategies.  I have found in my practice that strategies or tactics need to be connected to your core beliefs and goals for them to be fruitful.  Together, we start with a total understanding of you: your goals aspirations and  emotions to deliver a sound, realistic, sustainable plan. 

Money is not Rocket Science

Often money talk is jargon filled, making you feel that managing money is too complicate or stressful, and takes too much time.   I will present information in an unbiased manner and provide enough information so that you can feel confident in making a decision. A large part of my practice is to increase your financial knowledge.  I can explain financial concepts/products and make them easy to understand and relevant for your situation.

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