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Grace Longo

Grace Longo


Why I Love What I Do

When I was growing up, women didn’t have the opportunities they do now. While so much has changed socially, one thing remains the same: the need for financial education.

The ability to make life-changing financial decisions is something everyone needs. But over my 18 years of experience working with countless clients, I saw that women were less confident in taking control of their financial futures. Data from FINRA drives home this point, with 71% of men assessing themselves as having a high level of investment knowledge, compared to 54% of women. Along these lines, 49% of men feel comfortable making investment decisions, compared to just 34% of women.  Though the more information they gained, the more strongly they expressed their hopes, and the more certain they were in being able to turn those hopes into reality.

I specialize in empowering people, especially women — teaching them what they need to know to feel great about the decisions they make. I’m no stranger to the events that change the course of one’s life: marriage, children, debt, divorce, and death of a family member. My experiences give me empathy for where my clients are in their own lives. I believe that being a personal financial advisor requires being personal and listening intently to people’s stories. Understanding is the foundation for developing the right plan to achieve financial goals. 

 Emotion is an unavoidable part of planning for the future, and I look at the total person, emotional, spiritual, financial essence of a person.   But knowledge plays a greater part, and providing that knowledge is where my process starts.  My true passion is teaching, researching the best solutions and inspiring people to take control of their finances.  I look forward to helping you feel more secure in your ability to create financially security. Let's chat.