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Working Together

Something that sets GAL Financial  apart from its competitors is the fact that we explore how emotions can impact financial decisions. By using a compassionate, consultative approach, I set aside time to educate my clients before we explore anything related to products or plans. 

Our relationship starts with you and understanding your individual needs and knowledge base; from there, I research the best products and services to help you achieve your individual goals. The primary services I provide at GAL Financial are retirement planning, income planning, insurance planning and money management coaching.


Who I serve

I specialize in empowering people of faith, especially women of faith — teaching them what they need to know to feel great about the decisions they make. I’m no stranger to the events that change the course of one’s life: marriage, children, debt, divorce, and death of a family member.

My experiences give me empathy for where my clients are in their own lives. I believe that being a personal financial advisor requires being personal and listening intently to people’s stories. Understanding is the foundation for developing the right plan to achieve financial goals. 

Are You on the Road to Financial Wellness?

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