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Grace Longo

Grace Longo


My story:

I grew up in a very traditional Italian family. Sunday dinners with the family occurred every Sunday for my entire life. I experienced the security that comes with a close-knit family and witnessed the traditional roles portrayed: women were strictly caregivers, and men, the breadwinners. At a young age, I began to challenge the status quo. I wanted to have the freedom to choose who I wanted to be; I had to advocate to go to college, and luckily, I did.


I opted to join a male-dominated field and become a insurance advisor because I wanted to help others navigate the long-term care market after my mother fell ill. As I grew in my career, I also became intimately acquainted with the specific needs of women and their finances. I found myself working in sectors dominated by women: healthcare, education, and faith-based organizations. I noticed that women processed financial information and made financial decisions differently. Often, they lacked confidence and were fearful of making mistakes. With women of faith, I also noticed that giving to their mission often came at the expense of their financial well-being.


To verify my personal experiences with women, I began conducting formal research on women and finances. At that point, I changed my process to help give women a voice by respecting their perspective and purpose for their money. I also provided education to ease the intimidation of financial topics. My new process resulted in my female clients becoming more confident and making smarter financial decisions on their own, ultimately giving them a greater sense of control over their futures.


I am no stranger to life’s difficult moments: debt, divorce, and death. These struggles and tragedies give me empathy for my clients. My personal experience, coupled with my financial knowledge,  enabled me to become a better listener and advisor. Recently, I’ve learned that emotion is king when making financial decisions. My process doesn’t deny emotion; instead, it incorporates and acknowledges emotion. My true passion is inspiring and engaging every person, particularly women of faith. I want everyone that I work with to feel financially secure and fulfilled.


Along with my mission to help others, being a mom is the most important role of my life. I’m also an avid reader, gardener, and advocate for sustainability. If you’re looking to expand your network or learn more about my services, I invite you to send me a connection request or email me directly at I look forward to meeting you soon!


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